Updated August.03.2021

In accordance with CDC and local guidelines, new policies have been implemented to protect our clients and ourselves.  Please review our COVID-19 policies prior to your appointment.

  • A tattoo shop does generate quite a considerable amount of aerosol particulates with spraying, cleaning constantly and tattooing with each client, which; even with our hospital grade HEPA air filters running 24-7 is an increased risk to consider for ourselves and others safety.  For those reasons,  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES IN OUR SHOP:

  • Our shop is appointment only, no walk ins will be allowed.

  • To get pricing, please consider we may be busy with clients, instead of walking in for pricing, we prefer you text or call the shop @ 484-894-8194 to get pricing.  Once we give you a price we can email you an invoice to leave deposit by card and we will text you an appointment reminder.

  • Masks required and must be fitted properly over your nose!

  • Please do not show up to your appointment more than 10 minutes early, we cannot permit anyone to hang out in the building or waiting area.

  • No food or drink is allowed at appointment.

  • Currently all nose and mouth piercings are still off the services list, we feel they cannot be offered safely and affordably given that COVID-19 is found in nasal and oral secretion and that we should be gearing up like a dentist with a portable HEPA filter backpack and suit to offer those piercings.  Given costs involved in that, those piercings would easily soar to $150+ a piece.  Feasible for a dentist to charge your insurance, not ok for us to charge you directly as a consumer.  All other piercings are still offered.

  • Since reopening end of June 2020, we have added UV-C germicide lamps to our cleaning protocol between appointments.  (UV-C is a form of radiation that deactivates any virus that may enter the shop.  It is more powerful than the sun's UV-A and UV-B rays, and a power under X-RAY!  This is added on top of our already meticulous cleaning which includes hospital grade HEPA air filters running 24/7!)

  • Since April 2021, we began accepting clients under the age of 18 again, this includes as young as 6 months old for earlobe piercings!  Minimum age 16 for tattoos.  See age restrictions in piercings section.  PARENT MUST CONTACT US DIRECTLY to avoid delays in scheduling.    By appointment only.

  • State law requires parent/legal guardian present at the time of appointment - Strict limit to 1 parent may accompany anyone under 18, no other guests, no exceptions.

  • Limit to 1 guest per appointment for anyone until further notice.

  • REQUIRED for ages 6 months to age 17: birth certificate + parent state id

  • REQUIRED for age 18+:  State id

  • NO ID, NO SERVICE! must have all id's! - Digital consent form filled out at shop requires IDs brought at EVERY appointment, and is digitally filed for legal purposes.  We will give you that info when you arrive.  They cannot be filled out early!

  • If feeling the slightest bit of ill, fever, cough, upset stomach, etc please stay home and call or text us to reschedule BEFORE your appointment - we'll gladly credit your deposit to a rescheduled future date.  Keep in mind letting us know after the appointment time forfeits deposit.  It prevents us from filling our schedule and giving appropriate time to the next client.

  • Card payment is preferred as much as possible!  We will email you and invoice to pay by card for contactless payments.  You will have until the end of day to pay it.

  • We will not accept cash deposits to set up appointments, as this requires you to walk in when we may be with a client.