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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual method to recreate, correct and improve the appearance of natural eyebrows.  Measurements are taken to map out the best shape brow based on bone structure, no two brows are alike!

See Emily microblading on youtube here!

  This procedure is ideal for both people who have natural eyebrows and those who don't.  We can even do partial add-ons if you only need some areas worked on, contact for individual pricing.  The results are natural looking and long lasting.  It is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Ink is deposited with a manual pen that allows the artist to draw crisp, thin and natural looking hairs. A touch up "perfection" appointment is required within 30-42 days of first treatment to perfect shape and hair strokes.  Refreshes are required every 6-18 months to keep color intensity and your eyebrow shape on point. . .each person's refresh requirements will vary based on a number of factors that can be discussed at a consultation.  No stencils are ever used! The shape of eyebrows is calculated according to each person's facial morphology and golden mean (phi 1.618).  Ink pigments used are the best on the market, they are vegan, and do not contain heavy metals such as iron oxide. Interested in microblading?  Texts/calls welcome @ 484-894-8194!  Professionally certified through the prestigious PhiAcademy.  View work on facebook and instagram here.


Conditions which make Microblading not suitable for you.

  • Pregnant or nursing women

  • Any skin disease - symptoms / flare: on or near the eyebrow area

Example: eczema, psoriasis-near the brow area, blisters, shingles

  • Prone to keloid scarring


  • Hepatitis

  • Sunburn

  • Allergies to trace metals- example: nickel

  • Directly after waxing

  • 6-8 weeks before or after chemical peels and facials

  • 4 weeks before or after Botox injections or fillers

  • Diabetes: uncontrolled insulin dependent diabetes

  • Prescribed blood thinners

  • Hemophiliac

  • Prescribed use of Accutane within the past year

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation

  • Antibiotic use during healing

  • Prescribed use of Humera for RA

Preparation for permanent makeup procedure

Please read the following instructions to assure best results.

  • DO NOT drink alcohol, coffee or energy drinks for 24 hours prior to procedure.  This will help you relax more easily, as well as help to relax the facial muscles in areas we will be working on. Alcohol will thin the blood and cause you to bleed excessively.

  • DO NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Advil, Ibprofin, Aleve, or any blood thinning or painkiller medications within 24 hours of procedure.  These will make you bleed excessively.  Excessive bleeding during procedure will negatively affect your semi-permanent makeup application.  In some cases, application may need to be prematurely stopped.

  • DO NOT  tan or sunbathe one week prior to procedure

  • DO NOT wax brows, tint, do microdermabrasion or use chemical peels, or topical Retinals one week prior to procedure.

  • DO NOT pluck brows within 3 days of appointment.

  • BOTOX and FILLERS: wait 1 month after getting done.

  • PLEASE INFORM prior to booking microblading if you have scars or old permanent makeup in eyebrow area.  Microblading can be possible only after  doing a visual check at a consultation.

READY TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT? Text/call shop number here!  Pricing @ shop policies See aftercare and pricing below.


For first 24 hours:

30 minutes after procedure: gently cleanse eyebrows with PhiWipes without stretching the skin.  Use one side of wipe for 1 brow, use other side for other brow.  Immediately after using the wipe, apply skin candy ointment with qtip on each brow. 

Repeat this process 3-5x for first 24 hours.
Avoid applying makeup in eyebrow area.

For first week:

Apply skin candy cream for next 6 days 3-5x a day.  Cleaning is not necessary.  Eyebrows must not get wet while washing face or in shower.  Avoid applying makeup in eyebrow area.

For first month:

AVOID suntanning, sunbeds, light (laser) therapy, chemical peels,
fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors.   Use of antibiotics or hormonal therapy can cause fading.  After 7 days have passed, protect eyebrows by using sunscreen.

Aftercare product is given complimentary with each appointment!


Eyebrows will take a full 30-42 days for complete healing.



  • $500 - includes 1 free perfection appt within 6 weeks of initial session.   Includes complimentary aftercare product both appointments!  It is not uncommon to lose up to 10% of hair strokes details during healing.  Perfection appointment also allows for any minor tweaks to shape or hair strokes if needed, at artist discretion.


  • $200 - done every 6-12-18 months to maintain color intensity, includes aftercare product.  If you wait and do not come in for refresh maintenance within 18 months - full MICROBLADING price of $500, no exception!


  • $100 - (for perfection appts completed after 6 weeks) includes aftercare product

Eyebrows will take a full 30-42 days for complete healing.

*disclosure: Microblading it is a form of manual tattooing of fine hair strokes to the eyebrows.  Recommended 6-12-18 months refresh required to maintain shape and color intensity.  It will fade without maintenance.  Skin type affects how often refreshes are needed, discussed at appointment. It is important to always use SPF 45 broad spectrum sunscreen on your healed brows to protect against premature fading.  It is not recommended to use retinols or regenerative skin products on microbladed area long term, this can cause a 'blurring' and/or fading effect to the fine hair strokes.  Deposit required for appointments.  By Appointment only.  See DEPOSIT policy.

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