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earlobes piercings by isabelle
earlobes piercings by isabelle

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earlobes piercings by isabelle brooksidetattoos.com20230104_220151
earlobes piercings by isabelle brooksidetattoos.com20230104_220151

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earlobes piercings by isabelle
earlobes piercings by isabelle

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lip piercings
lip piercings

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lip piercings
lip piercings

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ear piercings
ear piercings

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ear piercings
ear piercings

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Parents must call shop for minors!

We do not offer piercing consults.  Please know what you want done when inquiring to limit a back and forth.  Thank you!

"Exotic piercings" such as frog eyes on the tongue are not done here. We do not offer dermal, dimple or genital piercings.

Piercings by Apprentice Isabelle

$30 PER PIERCING. (50% discount!)

(the following list discounted to $30 each for portfolio building  PHOTO PERMISSION MUST be checked YES on consent form)


Earlobes* - minimum age 11 and up



*indicates more than 1 piercing

if you don't see the piercing name on the list, it is not offered by this piercer currently.


Piercing deal is per person, cannot be shared with a friend.

*pricing includes sample aftercare product with each appointment and is done with surgical stainless steel non-gemmed jewelry (standard jewelry)  Upgrade available at additional cost, and may require special order.  We will never pierce with jewelry you bring in.

NOTICE! metal or diagnosed nickel sensitivities:

Please request to be pierced with TITANIUM or GOLD jewelry before setting up an appointment.  These cost more, and depending on the piercing and metal you want, we may have to special order before you come in. * Industrial bar in titanium or gold is custom order.


Text/Call us @ 484-894-8194  with the specific names of piercings interested in getting done for an appt!

  • If under age 14: earlobes only piercing we will do for you.

  • Industrial, navel, septum, facial, tongue piercing: minimum age 16 and up.  Use common sense, you're still growing, piercings can shift, migrate out, or distort and cause scarring while still growing.   We reserve the right to refuse to do certain piercings on anyone under 18.

  • Nipple piercings reserved for age 18 and up only!

  • No exceptions for age restrictions ~ See our FAQs page!

Custom Order Jewelry Options available!

Check out ANATOMETAL and BODY GEMS!  We can order custom sized jewelry with any type of gemstone you want and install when it comes in!  See examples of their work here and here.

We pierce with stainless steel, 14k or 18k solid gold, or titanium body jewelry only.  Sterling silver cannot be used for piercings. We will not pierce with anything else.  We DO NOT pierce with jewelry brought in!


Minimum charge is $20 for up to 3 piercings per person.  By appointment.  Additional piercings are $5 more each.  This pays for set up/ sterilization of tools used.  If any concerns arise during healing process, we encourage continued contact @ our business cel 484-894-8194 to assure proper healing of your piercings.


We will gladly install/change out jewelry for you only if purchased from our shop. Mandatory $5 cash tip per piercing is required for piercer, plus the cost of jewelry.


  • REQUIRED for ages 6 months to age 17: Kids age 6 months to 17 years need birth certificate + parent state id

  • REQUIRED for ages 18+ : driver's license or state ID

  • No id, no services must have all id's! - Please have IDs ready before you book an appointment to avoid problems.  Parent ID used must be of parent that will be at appointment.  No ID = loss of deposit.


Piercings Dos and Don'ts.

  • Do clean 3-6x a day using H2ocean aftercare spray, or Dr. Piercing aftercare.  Be sure to remove lymph secretions and any residue on the jewelry and around the piercing with aftercare cleaner. 

  • Friction can cause keloids, which can come from, dried lymph, laying on piercing, repeated exposure to phone or earplugs continuously without cleaning. 

Avoid while healing:

  • Don't swim in pools or other bodies of water, as these are breeding grounds for bacteria. 

  • If the jewelry does not move freely it needs cleaned. 

  • Never touch piercing with unwashed hands.

For oral piercings:

  • Do mouthwash after each time you eat or drink

  • Don’t eat cheese pizza, seeded fruits, or noodles for tongue piercings while healing. 

  • Contact your piercer if you have any concerns or questions.

General Healing times for Piercings:
Piercing healing times vary from person to person. Below are approximate healing times for most people. Keep in mind that your piercing may heal more quickly or take even longer. Continue suggested aftercare for at least the amount of time listed below for your piercing. Toward the end of suggested healing time, once a day cleaning is still recommended.  When your piercing is healed, jewelry can safely be changed but it shouldn’t be left out for longer than it takes to switch jewelry. Even once the hole becomes permanent it can still shrink and make jewelry reinsertion more difficult.  Clear retainers can be put into healed piercings temporarily to help hide for work purposes/etc.


Earlobes 6-8 weeks    Ear Cartilage/Tragus - 6 months - 1 year   Eyebrow 6 - 8 weeks    Nostril - 3 months - 1 year    Septum - 6-8 weeks  Bridge 8 - 10 weeks     Tongue 4 weeks     Lip/Labret/Monroe 6-8 weeks    Male Nipples 4-6 months    Female Nipples 6 months - 1 year    Navel 6 months - 1 year

Doctor Piercing Swab Aftercare:

swabs dr piercing instructions.jpg
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