Frequently asked questions

Do you accept walk ins?

No. We are by appointment only for consults, piercings, tattoos, microblading and aerola reconstruction tattooing and tattoo removal, microneedling and phiion plasma pen skin tightening. Pricing given via text message or consult appt only. Please set those up by calling or texting us, we cannot do this by walk in. This allows us to concentrate on tattooing uninterrupted. Please text or call the shop @ 484-894-8194 for pricing and appts.

How much for a tattoo?

We price by the piece. Per session. Not an hourly rate. Shop minimum is $50. Pieces are priced by text message or consultation appointment.

What info do you need to price my tattoo?

Please text us a short description of: where @ on your body, no more than 3 picture attachments, what size in inches approximately, any specific font style for any writing. If the text turns into a long description or needs customization, we will require a consultation to be set up to go over pricing and design.

How much for a medium size tattoo?

We have no idea what size a small, medium or large tattoo is due to the fact that everyone's interpretation of small, medium or large is subject to different interpretation. If you ask us this question we will be unable to give you a price and a consultation appt will need set up to price it for you.

How much for a tattoo the size of the picture sent?

Consider that everyone's phone, tablet, computer screen is a different size. And, every picture sent that might be saved from online is a different size based on pixels, file size of the .png, .jpeg, .tiff format etc. Please tell us the size in inches roughly of the tattoo design you want. If not sure, please set up a consultation appointment with us for pricing.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

Current shop minimum is age 18 until the coronovirus pandemic mitigation efforts are not so stringent. **Our shop minimum age for a tattoo is 16. A list of strict ID requirements is in our shop polices section of our website. Parent must be present for appointment with all ID requirements met, or services WILL NOT be rendered, no exceptions!**

Do you do custom tattoos and designs?

YES! We recommend setting up a consultation appointment to go over cover ups, sleeves and customized designs. Serious inquiries only! We do charge a fee, which will go toward tattoo if you set the appointment up after your consult. See next question for more info.

How do I set up a tattoo appointment?

You can text or call us to get a price. Please do not "ask for a friend," this prolongs us getting a price or appointment for you. Every piece is differently priced based on numerous factors we consider per person. $25-200 deposit is required toward price of tattoo to set up appointment. Anyone under 18 your parent must call us to set up an appt.

Do you have a touch up policy on tattoos?

Touch ups are free provided they are scheduled with your next tattoo appt. Please advise us in advance when making an appt so we can set enough time aside. Minimum charge of $25 if touch up is scheduled by itself, due to set up and sterilization costs. Touch ups of other artists work are not free.

How much for a tattoo consultation?

We charge $25 to set up a consultation, which comes off the tattoo price if you set up the tattoo appointment. Additional $25-125 deposit is expected to be paid at the consultation to get your tattoo appointment set up. *If deposit is not made day of the consultation, $25 deposit will not be credited toward tattoo, instead it paid for artists's time at consultation. Bring printouts of any references to appt. Expect appt to take up to, but not more than 30 min.

How do I leave a deposit?

Leave a deposit without having to stop in after you have gotten pricing! Info we need to send you an invoice:
FIRST, LAST NAME + your EMAIL ADDRESS You can text us @ 484-894-8194.

I text you/called, but haven't heard back for a few hours?

Sometimes we will get back to you within minutes, or a few hours at most. We may be in the middle of a session with a client. Thank you for your patience! We will get back to you as soon as possible for pricing and next soonest availability!

How much for a piercing?

Piercings are $50 for 2, $30 for 1*. *Industrial piercing is $50. Price is with standard non-gem surgical stainless steel jewelry. Gemmed, titanium, or gold are available at additional cost or we can custom order. Contact shop for specific jewelry availability. Custom ordered jewelry also an option.

How do I set up a piercing appointment?

Text or call us with name of piercing(s) you are interested in getting. $10 deposit required for 1 piercing. $20 deposit required for 2 piercings. Deposit goes toward piercing(s) price. *Parent must call to set up appointment for minors. (**see SHOP POLICIES for full disclosure on jewelry/piercings we offer)

Do you change body jewlery if I want something else put in?

Yes. We will install/change out body jewelry only if purchased from our shop. Please be mindful that new piercings need time to heal and swelling must subside before we can change out your jewelry.

What is your policy on piercings?

Every piercing will have different results based on anatomy, health of client, age, occupational hazards to consider, etc and how well aftercare and cleaning is followed. Communication is key in keeping your piercing until fully healed and we encourage follow up appointments; if needed; in case deep cleanings are needed until your piercing is fully healed. Deep cleaning charge: $5 per piercing.

Do you offer dimple, dermal, or genital piercings?

No. We stick to the basics to keep our prices where they are at. We do not offer genital piercings here. We do not offer snake eyes, frog eyes, or any of what we call "exotic piercings" here. We do offer the industrial, ear cartilage area such as helix, the daith, rook, snug, conch, flat, earlobes, labret, monroe, medusa, eyebrow, nostril, septum, center of tongue. Those are what we consider the basics. See list of piercings we offer in the piercings section of our website.

Why do you charge more for an industrial and less for other piercings?

The industrial bar is much larger than the rest of piercing jewelry. Cost of materials.

What is your policy on child earlobe piercings?

If a child chooses to not cooperate for piercing after 10 minutes of us trying, there are no refunds/credits given due to time set aside, setup and sterilization costs to materials and tools. We will not push a child to get a piercing, 10 minutes is more than enough time to work with and give them the chance to be ready, if they refuse or cannot cooporate, we call it. Please do not try to force them! You're always welcome to set up another appt in the future with a new deposit if they change their mind! We highly recommend ages 6 and up for earlobe piercings. Children younger sometimes to not cooperate. This keeps our prices down to our current $50 for 2, $30 for one piercing deal. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do you use a piercing gun?

No. We pierce with needle and cork technique, it is quick and does not cause so much trauma to the area that a piercing gun does. Not to mention everything is sterilized.

Can you do my piercing with jewelry I bring in?

No. We pierce only with jewelry we have in shop or we can custom order jewelry for you. We cannot pierce with jewelry you previously had been pierced with either. No exceptions.

How do I set up a microblading appointment?

When texting/inquiring, please let us know how soon of an appointment. Consultation is needed if you have existing permanent makeup. Microblading cannot be done until a removal session is done if there is existing ink that has not significantly faded.

If I'm under age 18 can my relative/friend take me to my appt?

No. That is against state law. State law requires your parent or legal guardian be physically present during the procedure. You will lose your deposit and we will not render services to you for wasting our time not being responsible enough to bring your parent and proper ids.

Can I bring my family and friends to my appt to watch?

+Currently no guests are allowed during the worldwide coronovirus pandemic. No exceptions. **We don't mind a friend coming along. Our waiting area seating is very small and limited for appointments. Please don't bring a group. A snack or candy or bottled water is ok to bring to your appointment. Due to nature of procedures that are done here and client privacy, we DO NOT ALLOW any form of video recording/snapchat or any form of video communication during yours or another person's session.**

Can I get a tattoo while pregnant/nursing or on any medications?

The short answer, NO. See POLICIES about deposits and rescheduling. If you have any type of medical condition or immune system disorder, always consult with your doctor first before contacting us for an appointment.

What is your deposit policy?


What is your rescheduling policy?

+Currently, if you feel ill, have active allergy symptoms, a cold, have the flu, you must reschedule! You will not lose deposit to reschedule for this reason. **We require minimum 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule to avoid losing deposit. No refunds or future credits for canceling due to admin costs. Repeated rescheduling will cause automatic loss of deposit. 30 minutes late or more to your appointment will also cause loss of deposit. Please be considerate of other's appointments. See full disclosure in SHOP POLICIES

If I get a verbal price/deal from you, price guaranteed?

If the price is not in WRITTEN FORM; by text message or stamped consult sheet from us; we WILL NOT honor it. Absolutely no exceptions EVER made. Texted/consult sheet price given is good for 6 months. Prices subject to change over time. All sales final.

Do you do military or any other discounts?

We do not. Our business model allows us to keep our prices fair for everyone. We are a services based business, and we do not believe a skilled service performed by an artist should be discounted.

Can I bring my 4 year old to my appointment?

NO YOUNG CHILDREN IN OUR SHOP!!! The only exception we make is when a child or infant is here to get their ears pierced with their parent/legal guardian.​ Earlobe piercings recommended for age 6 and up. Children younger tend to not cooperate. If you bring young children to your tattoo or piercing appointment, you will LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT and will be refused services. Please plan accordingly!

Do I need ID?

If you are 18 and older you must bring a STATE ID for proof of age. +Currently not accepting anyone under 18 until further notice due to the coronovirus. When the pandemic mitigation requirements are not so stringent**If you're under age 18, you need a birth certificate and state id and parent ID or we cannot render services and you will lose your deposit for not bringing those 3 documents.** See SHOP POLICIES for full disclosure/requirements!

You're a tattoo shop, you do tattoo removal?

YES! This can open up the possibilities for better cover up designs, or full removal if you do not want a cover up, or are entering the military. We offer PhiRemoval, a new non-laser, non-surgical, VERY effective tattoo removal option. Not only is it less painful, it offers faster healing and immediate results can be seen during the session! Phiremoval removes ALL inks, unlike laser removal where some colors can be stubborn. You can have a session done every 6-8 weeks! Phiremoval can be performed to remove permanent makeup or microblading as well! This type of removal can actually be done on a fresh tattoo for faster removal of the ink! Click on our removal section of our website for more info!

How much do you charge for tattoo removal?

Each session takes no more than an hour. *Large tattoos are broken up into a sectional grid for optimal healing, which will require more sessions. TATTOO REMOVAL: Contact shop @ 484-894-8194 for pricing on tattoo removal PRICE PER SESSION (PMU removal) $150 eyebrows removal $100 lipliner removal $100 eyeliner removal

Do you have age restrictions on piercings?

We offer earlobe piercings ONLY for anyone under the age of 14. Infants earlobe piercings done with solid 14 or 18 karat gold jewelry only, we will not pierce with jewelry you bring in. No other piercings will be done on anyone under 14! No exceptions! We consider rate of growth, which significantly increases the risk of jewelry migration and permanent scarring and other factors with certain piercings, and explain that to each client the best we can. And yes! The answer is NO on doing nipple piercings on any person under age 18 ~ All piercings require parent present during the piercing procedure for anyone under 18, state law! We require additional ID documents listed in our shop polices section. ALL ID requirments must be met or NO SERVICES RENDERED. No exceptions.

Can you pierce with silver or plastic if I am allergic to certain metals?

We get this question a lot. What most people are really trying to ask is, "Can we pierce with titanium, or solid gold options," because of a nickel sensitivity diagnosed by a doctor, or they just self diagnosed themselves. We pierce with surgical stainless steel with our piercing prices listed. Titanium or solid 14k and 18k gold options are available at additional cost. We will not pierce with anything else and we will not pierce with jewelry you brought into shop either. Shop policy.

Video recording/photos or make a video call allowed?

We DO NOT ALLOW any form of video recording/snapchat or any form of video communication during yours or another person's appointment. We value ours and our client's privacy. There are questions that get asked/procedures done here everyday, which make it innapropriate to have the phone out recording at any given time. Thank you for your cooperation in making our shop comfortable for everyone!


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