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Why we chose to rebrand Dave's House of Pain LLC

We first opened shop in Allentown, PA on September 9, 2012. Then moved to Brookside Rd in Wescosville, PA in June 2015. Fast forward to July 2019. We made a big decision and chose to rebrand our business from Dave's House of Pain LLC, to Brookside Tattoos & Aesthetics LLC this year! Why? Over the years we've received numerous inquiries on reconstruction tattoos from people who want their eyebrows tattooed, to people who have been in horrific accidents or had surgeries that left them disfigured and wanted tattoos to camouflage scars.

After researching where we both could receive the best training to offer these types of services, along with always offering tattoos and piercings, we started our training. After months and even years of completing our courses, research, and hands on experience, we're proudly certified in 3D Areola (nipple) reconstruction tattoos, Microblading for eyebrows, Non-laser tattoo removal, Microneedling and finishing a course for an awesome little technique of plasma pen therapy (phi-ion) that tightens the skin to rid wrinkles like the 11's between the brows, and a non surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and more!

After 7 strong years of support from our growing clientele family, we've taken interest in offering these avenues of skill sets in the ever growing need for permanent cosmetics and paramedical tattooing! With all of that said; we know everyone loved the name Dave's House of Pain LLC! We chose to rebrand the name because it's kind of hard to market and offer some of these life changing services to the people who really need or want them done.

Dave's House of Pain LLC was an awesome and fun marketing strategy to get our skills out there and known on the map over the years. Yes we know it's a name that sticks in your head! And has some truth in the name! Don't forget Dr. Evil and the oddities! We loved it! But now it's time to grow! With the rebrand to Brookside Tattoos & Aesthetics LLC, we can now reach a broader range of people who not only want great custom ink and piercings; but can also come back to us for more services related to the body mod world. And we offer kid's earlobe piercings, too!

Know that you'll get the best work from talented, caring artists who put their time and talent to the test, no matter how simple or complex the tattoo design. Know that we've put every effort into learning from the best in all the services we offer with our educational backgrounds. Know that you'll always leave having great service, great conversation and feel like you're part of the tattoo family too! We love what we do! Here's to another 7 years and more! Happy Holidays everyone! And a happy New Year!

-Dave and Emily

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